Having competed in a wide range of sports including climbing, trampolining and skiing I have worked with Richard to improve my flexibility, CV fitness and strength. I have attended both personal training and his group Muay Thai classes. I have found both very enjoyable and have greatly benefited to my fitness. During the last 7 years he has helped me recover from multiple injuries using massage and conditioning. He has then developed specific exercise programs for me to reduce risk of injury reoccurrence. In more recent years I have used his detailed knowledge of human anatomy to assist my learning as I worked towards becoming a qualified as a Physiotherapist. I have continued to work with Richard to improve my knowledge of optimal exercise techniques and continue to progress my general fitness. As a trainer, therapist and teacher Richard is always enthusiastic and provides a wide range of expertise in the fitness industry to help meet any goals. He attends regular courses to expand his knowledge as a trainer and uses current research to help clients train more effectively. Ben Claxton – Physiotherapist
Richard has been my personal trainer for over 7 years and helped me focus on what matters! His style is adaptable to the clients’ needs and he is fun to be with. He knows all about the anatomical root of all muscular and postural issues as well as fitness so his grounding is unquestionable. His ‘easy –going’ manner is motivational whilst maintaining that firm tone when it's needed! Since working with Richard, I have not been to the chiropractor once in all that time! My core strength and confidence has improved and been sustained and now it's only my mind-set about portion control that I need to work on – and I can't blame Richard for that! Reliable, trustworthy and full of ideas, Richard varies the regime, uses all sorts of props and bits of kit to maintain the fun and interest, especially on days when mine is waning. For me he comes highly recommended for all levels of fitness and confidence, definitely worth the investment Deanne Lee
Richard has trained me both privately and at his gym in Bisley for over 8 years. It started following damage to a shoulder in a skiing accident and he was suggested as a person who would continue to help me progress following physiotherapy and get me back into shape. Since then Richard has almost become a member of the family. Both my sons train with Richard and attend his gym. Richard is one of the trustworthiest individuals I have met. His enthusiasm and professional approach to training is contagious. No matter what your level or previous fitness capability, Richard engages and encourages you to get better through a range of different strategies. I never thought I would enjoy boxing, but using the sessions to get fitter has been very rewarding. I wrongly assumed that attending his gym would be a daunting experience, looking old compared with young fit fighters, however, the culture he has created is fully inclusive and non judgmental with everyone from young to not so young, male and female all taking part and enjoying themselves. Nick Claxton
Worked with AKA on the personal training side and also the boxing. Fab team of people and I would recommend training at the gym to anyone that's interested in thai boxing both to a high level and just to get fit quick too. Thanks AKA! Miles Cottrell